Monday, January 21, 2013

Time Ran Away.....

                         After a little longer I got sometime to rewrite my blog. I know that I got lot of free time during this period.But unfortunately I was unable to manage my time for any of this.

                        Yaa... I know sound is little bit crazy but seriously I feel like I was in no where.I went lots of trips with my friends and had some real fun.Before that did my exams great & successfully completed my first year.But the problem is through all of this I got no idea about my self.It's very strange feeling.whenever I think about me I can't find myself.Even now I can't find something about me to write down.

Monday, April 2, 2012

First Day in Com lab

As usually first day is very interesting.Less work make us impress.already finished my work .But still I'm in lab because I want to stay untill 4p.m. Because we are not allowed to acceses to Facebook untill 4.Seems funny ah.That's the main reason that I'm here today to post a blog with this stupid topic.Don't blame me with this.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A great HABIT

   A have a great habit that put me in to great troubles.I don't know when it's happening,but however I can't stop  it.The habit is FORGETTING things.
   For my forgetting,it has a long history.I forgetting things since I was a kid.Even now I forget everything.I forget specially homworks.assesments,books to return & all the rest of it.Sometimes I forget to take the purse or phone before i go to somewhere.So I have to face lot of deficalties because of this matter.
   In my school days my friends were afraid to give me their books because they know that it took me a long time to return them.Opposite is also same.When I give something to someone I forget to get it back.When I want it very rearely I can remember otherwise I should have to search it everywhere.
   That's how my life is going.I want to free from this.I tried hard.I still I'm suffering from that.That's a HELL.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


   I'm SACHITRA & this is not the beginning of my life......but this is the beginning of my blog.I have done my A/Ls in 2010.But it's been really hard to find some sort of time to start a blog.I know sound is crazy,but that's how my life is going.However after a long long time today I started it.
                             HIP HIP HUREEEE...!!!!!!!!!
   So,I wish to continue this in a good way.I doubt it,but I have to.I know this is very simple one. But as a beginner I can satisfied with this.

   I hope that I can make my LIFE into Words........